With the increasing cost of operating the golf course, the time has come to raise our rates at Windmill Ridge Golf Course.  These prices will take effect April 1st and any memberships for 2024 will be included with new pricing.  We will also be implementing a dynamic pricing scale, where rounds played from opening hours until noon will be higher with them decreasing throughout the day for the 18-holes(see below).  The rate increase is approximately 5% .


Bill No 8994





Cost for 18-hole Round

open-    12 pm$42.00$36.00$36.00$36.00$36.00$36.00$42.00
12pm- 4pm$39.00$34.00$34.00$34.00$34.00$34.00$39.00
4pm- close$32.00$28.00$28.00$28.00$28.00$28.00$32.00